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Axiom Builders Inc.

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Connie Mair

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 Since the 1960’s, the Bosa family has been building a reputation throughout British Columbia as one of Canada’s most respected construction family.  Throughout its history, it has completed a variety of structures including hotels, theaters, mixed-use developments, residential buildings, commercial buildings and warehouses.  While we are adept at building commercial and residential, the Bosa name is synonymous with a high-rise home of enduring quality.  

Robert Bosa founded the company in 1967, after emigrating from Italy in the 1950’s with his seven brothers.  Although the company began as a small framing firm, it eventually branched out into formwork, general contracting and development, earning a reputation for its strong work ethic and commitment to quality.  The organization currently operates three distinct companies: Bosa Properties Inc., Bosa Construction Inc. and Axiom Builders Inc.  Although separate business entities, these companies utilize each others strengths and knowledge base to create a well rounded approach to building.  Each of the companies operates out of the Burnaby office.

 Paul Bosa started with the family nearly 25 years ago and learned from the experiences of his uncles and especially Robert Bosa himself.  Paul has been involved in the many Bosa organizations, and now directs his energy towards Bosa’s two main contracting companies, Bosa Construction Inc. and Axiom Builders Inc.  Bosa Construction is focused on Formwork and Axiom Builders is focused on General Contracting. 

Today, the organizations maintain sites that are scattered throughout the lower mainland and employ a staff of nearly 300, spread across 9 crews.  “We believe that these dedicated individuals, many of them second generation, are the foundation of our success.”